I’m Back!! And MARRIED!

Grant and Christine

I’m back, I’m back! Wow, that was quite the break we had there. SO much has happened in the past few months.. I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s go back to May when the Ontario Election was called and I had to move to Cornwall for 6 weeks. Yup – I was shipped back to my hometown to help out with the election, right before my wedding. It was a very hectic month and I missed Grant and Cooper dearly, but it all worked out wonderfully! WE WON! Go Premier! During that time I also had TWO bridal showers and a bachlerotte party.. crazy times.

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8 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Personalize Wedding

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to get all of your loved ones together. It’s unfortunate but as we get older it seems the only time I get my whole extended family together is either at a wedding or a funeral. I think we need a few more ‘Family Days’ here in Ontario to round everyone up and have a party. Let’s lobby the government for one in June and maybe one in July? Perfect!

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February Grocery Store Favourites

feb grocery store favs

Didn’t I just do a grocery store favourites post? Yup I totally did… sorry again for the lack of posts lately. I have some fun ones planned for you soon so stick with me.

February felt like it lasted two days instead of 28. Seriously, how is it March? I had some good grocery store finds last month that I just know you guys will love. Heeeeeeere we go.

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Confessions – Life Lately

Kelli Christine

I’m still here!! Did you think I abandoned you all? Never! Well maybe some day… but not today!

Instead of boring you all with my 1000+ reasons for not blogging lately, I thought I would steal a page from Sarah‘s book and do a Confessions post. Be warned.. wedding overload coming at you.

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Feeling Egg-cellent


(image source)

So I’ve been struggling on how to start this post for awhile now. Do I just come out and say it? Or do I beat around the bushes and not bring it up? You guys.. I started eating eggs again. And I’m also eating fish. There… I said it.

Whhhew there’s a load off my chest.

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Banana Caramel Pockets

banana caramel pocket

It’s VDAY tomorrow! Vday actually sounds pretty dirty.. let’s just stick with Valentine’s Day.

In all the years we have been dating, Grant and I have never really done the big Hallmark Valentine’s Day. Instead of buying big expensive gifts for each other we make homemade cards and make a meal together. This year Grant is tasked with the main course and I have dessert. We’ll probably get a nice bottle of wine and watch a movie. We are SO romantic.

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January Grocery Store Favourites

Jan grocery store favourites

Hey guys.

Now that January is over it is time for me to share my favourite grocery store finds! I missed the boat on my December favs (sorrrry) so I made sure to include a couple favs that I discovered in December but never got the chance to boast about.

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Take a Peek Inside my Fridge

Peek into Fridge

I promised myself I wouldn’t start this post by talking about the weather… but brrrrrrrr. Is it spring yet? I’ve had to work outside a couple times in the past week and oh my goodness… frostbite everywhere.

Since I have zero energy to come up with exciting recipes on my own this week, I decided to let you all inside my fridge. Well, let you peek inside my fridge.. hehe.

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