Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmopolitan Review

Skinny girl

On Saturday night we hosted a get-together with our friends from university. I had my munchies planned out and the apartment was clean, I just had one more thing on my list… the booze! The night before I somehow found myself consuming one too many vodka soda’s, so I wanted something refreshing and not too strong.

Let me tell you, I can spend hours in the LCBO, especially the new massive stores that stock all the specialty items. Now that it’s Christmas time all of the gift sets are on display so I spend even more time looking at the new products and thinking about who I can buy them for. As I wandered down the spirits aisle I was drawn towards the Skinnygirl bottles. We all know too well that booze isn’t great for our bodies. When we do drink we should be drinking the alcohol with sugar free mixers to save the calories. Now, back to Skinnygirl.

Skinnygirl is a line of premixed cocktails, spirits, and wine from Bethenny Frankel. They have less calories than the original mixes of the same drinks. The Skinnygirl drinks include: white cranberry cosmopolitan, sangria, white peach margarita, classic margarita, and pina colada. There is also a selection of vodka and wine (I’m dying to try the Island Coconut or Cucumber vodka..Mmm). I was in a cosmo kind of mood so I took my chances and grabbed the White Cranberry Cosmopolitan for $15.95.

Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmopolitan Review

This drink is supposed to be enjoyed on it’s own but I decided to try it a few different ways.

1) Straight Up with Ice

I wanted to try the cosmo mix on it’s own for my first drink. I poured it over ice in a martini glass. With my first sip I was quite impressed. It was sweet, but not too sweet. The alcohol percentage was just right (9%) so it wasn’t too strong.

2) Mixed with Club Soda & Splash Lime

For my second drink, I decided to go bubbly. I didn’t want to over power the already sweet drink so I went with club soda. I added a splash of lime just to heighten the taste.

3) Mixed with Diet Cranberry Soda & Splash OJ

The third drink got a little crazy. I mixed 2 parts cosmo mix with one part diet cranberry soda and a splash of orange juice. The drink was very sweet; I really should’ve know better.

Final weigh in:

Pros: Great version of the classic cosmo. Somehow it tasted great just knowing I was saving calories.

Cons:  It was almost too sweet on it’s own. I found it was a lot better with a splash of soda.

I enjoyed Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmopolitan and I would buy it again.

4/5 stars

2012-12-16 11.23.20

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