May Grocery Store Favourites


I’m drooling on my keyboard as I write this post. Seriously.. wait until you see the goodies I have lined up for May.

Lets get started.

Field Roast Vegan Sausages

Field Roast

Field Roast vegan sausages are by far the best vegan sausages I have ever tasted. The ones pictured above are smoked apple sage. Their website describes them as: a savory combination of apples and sage anchored with yukon gold potatoes with a subtle hint of hickory smoke… heaven!

GoMacro Cashew Caramel Bar

Go Macro

Sometimes being vegan is tough. Like, really tough. Especially when you are craving a salted caramel and you know there are no vegan salted caramels anywhere to be found. When I first discovered this GoMacro bar I was thrilled; vegan caramel, finally!! But after my first bite of this bar I was a bit disappointed because it didn’t taste like the caramel I remembered. Come the second and third bites, I was hooked. When I checked out the GoMacro website I found out that these bars are sweetened with grain-based sweeteners which take longer to digest, thus avoiding the blood-sugar spikes associated with refined sugars. Neat!

Coconut Chia Granola


You all know I’m a big fan of coconut. And chia seeds. And granola. Enough said.

Daiya Havarti Style Wedge (Jalapeño)


Spicy food really isn’t my thing. I’ve talked about how much I despise spicy food on the blog before, so I won’t go down that path again. Today I’m talking about a spicy food I actually really enjoyed. I had to have a million rice crackers and a big glass of water beside me while I ate it, but whatever. Daiya Havarti Style Jalapeño cheese is a spreadable ‘cheese’ that is a great alternative to hummus or other dips you usually turn to. I enjoyed it with some crackers and grapes.. a glass of chardonnay.

Silver Hills Sprouted Bagels


I first heard of Silver Hills on one of my favourite blogs, The Daily Garnish. Emily swears by them so I made it my mission to find them here in Toronto. They are a Canadian company so I knew it wouldn’t be hard to find. Lucky for me I found them on my first stop, Noah’s. These Squirrelly Sprouted bagels are so delicious and are packed with vitamins! One bagel is 250 cals with 16g of protein! Silver Hills also makes gluten free bread, buns, and flavoured bagels (raspberry and herb ‘n garlic).

One response to “May Grocery Store Favourites

  1. Hi there! I somehow stumbled across your blog today and am delighted because I am actually in Toronto too! I aboslutely love Silver Hills bread and have never tried their bagels yet; as a carb-holic I’d love to! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find one nearby. If you don’t mind me asking, which Noah’s did you find it? I frenquently go to the Noah’s on Bloor, but can’t find it! Thanks a lot <3

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