Get to Know Me A-Z


I’ve been seeing these A-Z quizzes all over the blogosphere lately and I think they are so darn cute. They are a great way to get to know the people behind the blogs I follow, so I decided to finally do one of my own.

A. Attached or Single?

Attached! I’ve got a pretty awesome man.


B. Best Friend?

Too many to list. My girls, my fiancée, and my sister.

C. Cake or pie?

PIE! Always pie. I’ve never been a big cake eater and Grant doesn’t like cake, so we usually stick to pie. We even have pie on birthdays.. candles and all!


D. Day of choice?

Friday, obviously. Saturday is good too, but Saturdays mean Sunday is just around the corner and then I’m back to work. Friday’s are the best because they are the start to the weekend. Can’t go wrong there.

E. Essential Item?

I have a few. I always have a hair brush with me just in case I need to tame my strands (which is every time I come in from outdoors). I also have a hair elastic with me at all times. It is always either around my wrist or in my hair. I’m a tad obsessed with my hair…

F. Favorite color?

Blue. I always get compliments when I wear blue (because of my fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair) and it has always been my first choice for anything that requires you to pick a colour (teams, markers, etc).

G. Gummy bears or worms?

Both! I love candy, as long as it is vegan.

H. Home town?

Cornwall, Ontario. Cornwall is a small town in Eastern Ontario. I was born and raised there and my parents were too. My family still lives there so I go back to visit as often as I can. You can read about how awesome it is here.

I. Favorite Indulgence?

Clothes and food. I love to shop – whether it is clothes shopping or grocery shopping, I love love love it! Summer grocery shopping is by far my favourite because I get to visit all the great farmer’s markets in the city. I can waste so much time browsing the different tents and checking out all the samples. There is nothing quite like a sandwich made with fresh local tomatoes and soft bread from the farmer’s market!


J. January or July?

January! I’m a January baby so I’ll choose it any day over July.

K. Kids?

Does my puppy count?


L. Life isn’t complete without?

Friends and Family.. and wine :)

M. Marriage date?

June 28, 2014. I. Can’t. Wait.

N. Number of brothers/sisters?

One sister. Kelli and I are only 14 months apart, but we are two “grades” apart (so I was in grade 1 when she was in grade 3). We used to get confused as twins when we were younger and even today people know right away that we are sisters.


O. Oranges or Apples?

Apples all the way. I like orange juice but I don’t like orange slices; the pulp drives me crazy.

P. Phobias?

The ocean. I do not like open water. Even the lake at the cottage gives me the creeps and I can’t swim around for too long without getting freaked out. Watching River Monsters definitely doesn’t help the fear… but I just can’t stop watching!

Q. Quotes? 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

R. Reasons to smile?

Knowing I’m marrying my best friend! And get to stare at this all day long…


S. Season of choice?

Fall. The first day of school used to be my favourite day of the year. I wasn’t a big nerd or anything (yes, I totally was), but I loved the excitement of your first day of classes, new friends, and a new outfit. Fall clothes are the best clothes; I love layers!

T. Tag 5 People.

How about you leave a comment instead :).

U. Unknown fact about me?

I’ve been in a hot air balloon, three times. Cornwall has a hot-air balloon festival every year that my family is really involved in. My sister and dad have been on the board of directors for years so we get to reap the perks of the festival. I’ve been lucky enough to go up in the hot air balloon three times, and to be honest, it wasn’t all that exciting. I don’t have a fear of heights so I was fine there, I just found it boring and hot. Some people find the whole thing terrifying (Grant) but I mostly just thought it was cool to see the town from a bird’s eye view.

V. Vegetable?

Spinach is definitely my number one. I love to cook with squash as well but I do most of that in the winter months.


W. Worst habit?

Cracking my fingers and neck. I don’t even notice I do it until someone points out how gross it is. I really have to stop.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?

I’ve never had an ultrasound so I can’t say much about it, but I do know I don’t like x-rays.

Y. Your favorite food?

Before the whole vegan thing, I was obsessed with macarons. Mmmm I miss those things. If you are in Toronto you have to try the macarons from Nadege. They are the best I’ve ever had.


My fav food these days is frozen bananas with brown sugar. I can eat this all day every day. It is the perfect treat to sit and munch on in front of the TV or after a workout. I also love to blend frozen bananas into banana soft serve and sprinkle brown sugar or maple syrup on top. Delicious!

Z. Zodiac sign?

Capricorn and Aquarius. Weird, eh? My birthday falls on a day that is considered Capricorn by some sources and Aquarius by others. I researched the type of personality for each sign and I’d consider myself to be more Aquarius than Capricorn.


Now it is your turn:

Answer the first letter of your first name.


Pick a letter that you are dying to tell me about yourself.

15 responses to “Get to Know Me A-Z

  1. I love reading these types of posts. It really makes it easy to get to know a blogger better!

  2. Oh yes…I love shopping too! I would say that it’s prob my fav indulgence too! My fav color is purple, I love Friday’s and I definitely prefer July over January.

  3. This is a nice way to get to know you a little bit better :)
    I really like this kind of posts

  4. Love reading these! Your pup is gorgeous, and so is your shiny rock!
    I definitely always have a hair tie on my wrist, too. I hate when I forget one and really want my hair up!

    • Well thank you! I know, the worst is when I am working out and I forget a hair tie. I’ve gotten pretty creative in the past trying to tie my hair up.. haha.

  5. I didn’t realize you’re from the Toronto area too! I’m in Burlington so I go to Toronto all the time – next time I’m there I’m definitely checking out that bakery.

  6. We will miss you at Lift-Off this year!!! And I can definitely attest to those macarons… they are awesome!

  7. I love these posts! and I love that pic of the birthday pie!! what a CUTE idea! also girrrrl your ring is GORGEOUS. and i totally agree, macaroons are perhaps the best thing ever.

  8. makingthymeforhealth

    You and your fiancé make such a cute couple and I’m loving that ring, it’s beautiful! My favorite color is blue too, although it doesn’t do anything for my poop brown eyes. :)

  9. Shopping is defiantly my indulgence too and my dog is my baby :)

  10. Your ring is so gorgeous!! It’s funny how you say macaroons, cause I was just watching an episode of MasterChef yesterday and the challenge (for who would be staying and who would be going home) was to bake 12 perfect macaroons and I was drooling away…and wanted to make them myself! haha

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall too! :-)

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