Half Marathon Training Update

Island Girl

It was almost two months ago that I announced I was running my first half marathon! I am still super duper excited about it.. but I am also quite nervous. I have been having a lot of troubles with my knee and I seriously don’t know if I will be ready for go-time on September 22. I thought I would give you an update on my training, my diet, and my aching knee.


Let’s start with my knee problems. I have to go back to 2007 to fully explain this one. So in 2007 I traveled to China with an amazing organization called Free the Children. It was the best time ever.. seriously.. and I got to experience so many amazing things. We were there for almost a month, travelling all over the place.. taking in the beautiful country. I think it was during week 2 when I had my first visit to the hospital. They tell you not to drink the water but they didn’t tell me I couldn’t shower in it. I have the most sensitive skin EVER so after I showered I had the worst allergic reaction to the water and every part of me ballooned and turned bright red. And my skin was soo itchy; it was unbearable. After being rushed to the hospital and injected with some allergy meds, I started to de-puff and all was well.

Knee pain

Not a happy camper…

My next trip to the hospital happened two days before my flight home. My knee was never the same after this little accident. We were playing skip rope with some of the kids from a local school and I don’t think they really knew what they were doing (or maybe they did…) because when I went to jump in they pulled the rope the wrong way and I tripped and landed the wrong way. My knee immediately flew out of place and all I remember was wanting to throw up. The pain was so severe I thought for sure my whole leg was toast. I was rushed to the hospital, again, where the doc put my knee back in place and sent me home with some pain meds and crutches. Since this accident my knee has popped out another 3 times. I don’t wish this pain on anyone – it hurts like a !#$^&!


Light running, for the most part, doesn’t really bother my knee. It is only when I am adding serious distance that the pain starts. It isn’t bad during the run, it is mostly afterwards and the morning after that the pain is crazy. If I run any distance over 8k the next morning I can barely walk and then I have to take 3 days off. It is killing my training schedule! I have been going to physiotherapy two times a week and although IT IS helping… I can’t help but feel a bit discouraged that I won’t be ready in time for my race. My physio says I have a major build up of scar tissue and I have some kind of knee tendinitis.



Honestly, my diet hasn’t changed that much since I started my training. I have been incorporating more protein in my meals and I make sure to have a protein after every run. I am also consciously trying to make sure I get enough iron in my diet because the last thing I need is a deficiency. I ate some fish the other day – the horror, I know! It’s not like I’m scarfing down tuna and salmon every night for dinner, I just had some fish. Didn’t care for it though so I’m back to keeping it out of my diet.

Runners – what are your main sources of protein? I need some more variety and would love to hear what others are fuelling up on.



Other than my running schedule, I have also been doing weights. Heavy lifting is where it’s at baby! I go to the gym in my apartment building a) because it’s free and b) because it is empty and I have been pumping some mad iron. I get most of my workouts from The Blonde Ponytail and PB Fingers – those girls have easy to follow workouts that you can pretty much do anywhere. I haven’t had a problem doing any of their routines and my gym has little selection in terms of weights. My physiotherapist has been encouraging me to work my glutes because my thigh muscles are being overused to protect my weak knee muscles. My ‘t-band’ is apparently so knotted because it is overused – so I have been rolling that muscle like a mad woman. If you’ve never heard of foam rolling check out this article. I never used to ‘roll out’ my muscles but since I started I find it makes a huge difference.


So that’s the ugly truth of my half training. I’m hoping the next few weeks are better because at this rate… I don’t know what will happen come race day.


Scared.. discouraged..confused?.. sweaty mess.


Are you training for a race right now? How is it going?

20 responses to “Half Marathon Training Update

  1. Aww sorry about your knee! What a bummer that you’ve been having so much trouble with it over a small jump roping incident. And so weird about the water too. I had no idea that even washing yourself can be risky!

    I KNOW you’ll rock your first half girl!

  2. I’m so sorry about your knee! I absolutely know how that goes as I’ve had knee trouble in the past as well. As far as protein, I drink a protein shake after my runs with Sunwarrior protein powder that I think helps great with my recovery, also tofu, eggs (once a week – new addition to my diet), nuts…I stick to a plant-based diet. Maybe a few rest days would help? I hope you feel better soon and best of luck! :)

  3. Aww, I’m sorry about your knee! Hopefully it holds out for you. I usually stick to animal based proteins, but protein powder is a huge help when I want a little extra.

  4. I’m sorry for my lack of reading! I am getting caught up now. I’m so sorry to hear about your knee but you almost have a month before your half (so exciting!!) I eat a lotttt of eggs (well mostly whites) and protein powder. Why no fish for you? Clearly missed that one…

  5. Oh my gosh I’m an idiot… please disregard my fish comment. I am multitasking and my brain is not working properly… forgive me?!

    • Haha ofcourse I forgive you :)! Healthy protein powders are definitely where it’s at. I always try to go for natural protein powders that don’t have a bunch of ingredients I can’t pronounce or understand!

  6. Ditto to Amy’s comment on protein powders. Vega is awesome! Also have you tried the Simply brand chips and bars? They are amazingly delicious, great sources of protein and vegan! They’re also a Toronto company :)

    Sorry to hear about the knee! I feel your pain. I’ve had so many diagnoses for traveling left leg pain over the last 8 months. One has said dislocated fibular hear, tendinitis, it band syndrome, hip bursitis….and the list goes on! So frustrating and put my half training on hold. You are a serious champ for continuing your training!

  7. makingthymeforhealth

    Wow, that is a scary story about your knee. To be in another country and have all of that happen just seems awful. I’m glad you were okay but that sucks about your knee’s current condition. If I were you, I wouldn’t push it past 8k if that’s when you start having pain…but that won’t help you run a half now will it?
    Just be careful not to push your knee too hard as it could do more damage down the road (now I’m all worried about you!). Running is just so hard on the knees.

    I agree with the other girls about protein powder. I love to make smoothies with spinach (iron) and Amazing Meal or SunWarrior protein after a run.

    • Thanks Sarah. I know, I’m trying not to push but I am so bummed about not being able to do my best for the half. We’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

  8. You poor thing! Bravo to you for running a half marathon on that knee!

    As for protein, I enjoy Vega protein powder and of course, beans, beans and more beans. If you are tired of all the protein powder, you may also want to try spirulina which you can find in pill form. Take a couple pills after a workout and you are set!

  9. Oh dear! I hope your knee feels better soon!

  10. Oh no! I hope your knee gets better soon! Roll that baby out!

  11. I hope your knee gets better!!

    I am training for my first half marathon too at the moment but am trying to be careful about a potential knee / hip injury.

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