Insta August


So I planned to share my August grocery store favs today, but I was missing two of things on my list last night and couldn’t take any pics. Have no fear, I will be back on Monday to share them with you. Be excited.. they are good this month :).

Instead I decided to share my Instagram pics from August! I haven’t shared a lot of what I did in August because I have been so darn busy! I apologize. Instead let’s take a little look at what I was up to via Instagram.

Peach CrispMmmmm I made this peach crisp last night. It is good. So good, I almost ate the whole batch.

CoopyCoopy bear soaking up the sun at the cottage.

Jet SkiThis is Grant’s brother. They bought this jet ski last year and they are obsessed with it. It’s an 1982 Kawasaki…pretty neat.

BridgetBridget and I before we went to the Kenny Chesney concert.

Candy ShoppeWe drive by this place every weekend on the way to the cottage. Grant FINALLY let us stop there last weekend and it was amazing! They had every candy you could think of!

AshAwww the girl on the right is my friend Ashley who recently moved out west. We miss her already!!

Coopy and I

Coopy and I taking selfies in the back seat on the way to the cottage.

And there you have it! We are off to the cottage after work today for the long weekend. It is so needed! I can’t wait to spend the last weekend of summer up North, relaxing in the sun! My co-worker brought me a bundle of fresh mint so I’ll be making mojitos all weekend. Mmmm.

What are you up to for the long weekend?

What’s your favourite candy?

16 responses to “Insta August

  1. You’re torturing me with the peach crisp! Recipe soon?! Have a great time at the cottage.

  2. Love these photos!! My favorite candy is definitely Reese’s peanut butter cups :)

  3. That candy store looks insane! I’m much more of a chocolate girl, but I can never turn down Fuzzy Peaches or Swedish Berries.

  4. Have fun this weekend!! I work so please have extra adventures for me!

  5. cute photos!! that peach cobbler looks delicious!! i’ll be at the beach this weekend, cant wait :) have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Mojitos, jet skis and a lake?! Girrrrl have fun!

  7. So when do I get my cottage invite?!?! LOL! Looks glorious! Off to Montreal for the weekend. Have a wonderful weekend yourself :)

  8. I love to jet ski! It’s so much fun! I would love to know the recipe for the peach crisp! Looks yummy!

  9. Two Healthy Kitchens

    Such fun photos! I’m such a dog lover, though – cute pup pics will always beat out even jet skiing and Kenny Chesney in my book! So darling! :D

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