Bridesmaid Boxes

Bridesmaid Box

I’m so excited to share today’s post with you guys! This is another wedding related post – so if you were looking for something green, head over to my recipe page.

I made these bridesmaid boxes last year for my girls and they were so fun to make. There are a ton of ways brides are asking their girls to be bridesmaids but I wanted to make something personal for my girls..something they could keep and hopefully cherish!

Bridesmaid boxes

If you are an avid Pinterest user like I am, you’ve probably seen the “will you be my bridesmaid” boxes before. As I previously said, I wanted to try to be original to ask my girls but still bring in some of those amazing ideas I found on Pinterest.

I have seven bridesmaids.. yes, seven. It seems crazy to a lot of people, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. My sister is my maid of honor and I asked Grant’s sister to be a bridesmaid. His sister is so much fun and has become a great friend to me so I knew there was no question about it. I also asked my four best friends that I have had since kindergarten. They are my sisters, really, so obviously they were included. And the seventh bridesmaid is my BFF from university. I love this girl to pieces, so I had to have her too.

So what’s in the boxes? Let’s take a look.

Will you be my bridesmaid

So the first thing I had to do was find seven boxes to put all of my goodies into. I knew exactly what I wanted (brown craft boxes) so when I walked into Michael’s I grabbed these first. Lucky for me, I got the last 7.

I hand painted and decorated each box for each one of my ladies. This was by far the trickiest part of the whole process. I had to glue each one of the jewels and pearls on and paint the designs (it’s a good thing I had my artist fiancee to give advice). I bought sticker letters at Michael’s to use to label each box. I tied a ribbon around the box and glued it to stay in place.

On the inside of the lid, I wrote “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and for my sister “Will you be my maid of honor?”.

Will you be my maid

I wrote a letter about each of the girls and included it in all of their boxes. I put the letter to whoever’s box it was as the first one and followed with the other six. I did this because I wanted the girls to know why I picked each of them to be a part of my big day. I wanted them to know how much they meant to me! Each letter was glued to the back of a picture of me and each one of them. I loved going through old pictures to find my favorite shots!



I decided that my wedding colours are going to be blue and white (with some creams). I attached two paint chips with a piece of ribbon to show the girls what colours I was leaning towards. I also found some pictures for examples of what I envision their dresses and the decor to look like.


My favorite part of the whole box was the little letter I wrote about how Grant proposed :). They already knew how he did it but it was fun to write it down and relive it. It was such a magical moment… one you have to experience to fully understand!


I also gave them some details about the wedding and what I was thinking so far. I broke it down as: The Proposal, The Plan, and The Wedding.

A ring pop.. because you can’t go wrong with sweets.

ring pop

A blue/white candle.


Last – but not least – I included a mini bottle of sparkling wine! I thought it would be really fun for all of us to get together and open the wine together to celebrate. We haven’t been able to get together yet, so I am hoping we get a chance to in the next few months.

Sparkling wine

I loved making these boxes and I know my girls loved getting them and going through everything.

Oh, and they all said yes.


In other wedding related news… I bought my dress this weekend! Yaaay! It is so pretty! I didn’t want to take it off.

Have you seen/heard of unique ways of asking bridesmaids?

Have you been a bridesmaid before? 

15 responses to “Bridesmaid Boxes

  1. This was a great idea… can’t wait for the big day (and you are a complete stunner in that dress!!)

  2. Aw, your bridesmaid boxes turned out so pretty! I love the personal touch with the pictures and note from you. Great job!

  3. So adorable! I love your wedding colors and the concept of letting each bridesmaid know why they were all picked.

  4. aww what a great idea!! this is so personalized and kind, you’re such a great bride!

  5. what a cute idea, I love making gidft boxes. I made one for my friend who just had a baby and she loved it (at least she said she did lol)

  6. GAHHH this is soooo cute!! I’ve never been in a wedding before, only attended them!! I love everything about weddings.

  7. LOVE these! They’re so cute, and you made them so personal! :)

  8. Oh my gosh this is such an adorable idea!!! I want to do this when I get married! I was a bridesmaid for my cousin’s wedding and I knew I was going to be asked, but his then-fiancée-now-wife asked my sister and I and gave us these little bags with our names on a keychain on them. It was cute. But I REALLY love your idea!

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  10. Love these :) I will keep this in mind for that day when I get married. I think my favorite part is the fact that you chose to include the reasons why you picked each bridesmaid in every box, great way for everyone to get to know each other a little bit if they didn’t already.

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