9 Month Countdown + Weekly Plan

YOU GUYS! I’m getting married in nine months. The last thirteen months have flew by – I can’t believe we’ve been engaged for so long.

I have to get my wedding bod ready so that means cracking down on my workouts and taking my healthy eating to a new level.

I know many of you bloggers have a weekly post dedicated to your meals and workouts – so I am going to join in! Every Sunday starting today (even though today is Monday) I am going to post my workouts, meal plan, and a goal that I want to achieve that week. I hope you guys will join me in my goals and let me know how they went for you.



Monday: 5km run, awesome abs class
Tuesday: 8km run
Wednesday: Body Pump class
Thursday: rest
Friday: 5km run, arm circuit
Saturday: Hatha yoga
Sunday: rest

Brussel Sprout Salad

Meal Plan (dinners)

Monday: Veggie soup with homestyle biscuits
Tuesday: Tofu Quiche
Wednesday: Mushroom fajitas
Thursday: Asian slaw salad and baked tofu
Friday: Big kale salad
Saturday: Date night
Sunday: Quinoa and roasted squash soup

Weekly Goal

My goal this week is a simple one: I want to stick to my workout plan. I just joined the Goodlife close to my apartment so I want to take full advantage of their facilities and classes. I go to work very early so I don’t know if I will be able to get morning workouts in but I definitely want to get all of my scheduled workouts done this week!

Have a great week!

Do you plan out your meals and workouts for the week?

What’s your goal for this week?

16 responses to “9 Month Countdown + Weekly Plan

  1. Sounds awesome lady! 9 months ahhh!

    My goal this week: Do my physio exercises and stretches everyday.

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan in place! I’m sure the next 9 months will fly by!

  3. Wow! Nine months to go – so exciting! :D I love that you are publishing your workouts and meal plan – I think that’ll really help you stick with it, and you’ll feel totally awesome at the end of each week when you can do a mental high-five on achieving that weekly goal! Good luck!!!

  4. 9 months… eek ! Guess I better start working on my MOH bod… my goal this week – run 3 times and no eating out/fast food!!

  5. Ah you joined! Yay! Sounds like a really solid workout plan (and meal plan) which is giving me lots of ideas. I need some more tofu in my life.

  6. It looks like you have a great plan set up! I work early too and know it can be really hard, near impossible, to make it to the gym before work. The meals on your weekly plan sound good!

  7. So soon! You will no doubt achieve what you want with your good attitude :) My goal for this week is to make it through; it’s super packed!!

  8. 9 months seems like forever but in wedding time, it’s very soon! A great reason to get in good shape. How fun that you joined a new gym. Let us know if you try any new classes that may be of interest.

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