Weekly Plan Oct 28-Nov 3


Hey friends. Hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was busy busy as always but today I am taking it easy and getting my meals prepped for this week and doing some much needed laundry.

I have Friday off this week (yahooo) to head to Kingston for some wedding related things. I have to meet our decorator and check out the restaurant that we want to have for our rehearsal dinner. Can you believe tomorrow is exactly 8 months until our big day! Eeee. After Kingston I am going to Cornwall with my parents (who are meeting me in Kingston) and I am staying there for the weekend. I have a 5km race on Saturday and then birthday celebrations for my sister.

I am all about the veggies this week and clean eating [you’ll read more about this later on in the post]. My meals are always aimed at being easy and grab and go style because I know I will be working late for most of this week. There’s nothing worst then getting home at 7pm and making a complex dinner and still find time to workout. So the easier the better.

Weekly Plan

Last week Recap

Workouts were pretty good last week! I actually made it to some classes and I had a great time. Jillian Michael’s Body Shred class is really intense. It is non stop circuits for 30 mins. I was sweating pretty good by the end of it! After that class I did the Awesome Abs class which was OK but I wasn’t completely sold. I didn’t feel like there was a lot of direction and I was watching the person next to me for most of the class.

This Week




(Sister and I at a 5km in May.. another on Saturday together :) )

Monday: 20 min run, legs
Tuesday: Morning 5km Run
Wednesday: 20 min run, arm and core
Thursday: 35 min eliptical and 15 min run
Friday: 6:45am Hatha Class
Saturday: 5km Heather Saaltink Memorial Run
Sunday: rest

Meal Plan (dinners)

Kale Soup

MondayMushroom Lentil and Kale Soup (recipe up on Wednesday)
Dinner at Fresh with Amy and Davida
Baked tofu and spinach salad
: Roasted Beet and Sweet Potato Chili
Friday: Road trip (packed dinner)
Home cooked birthday dinner for my sister
Sunday: Hummus and veggies

Goal – So I have been eating a lot bread and pasta lately. For a snack I’ll make a piece of toast with peanut butter or I’ll add pasta to my soup because I have a craving. I think it’s because I’ve increased my workouts. They aren’t the devil but I need a break from them. I’ve also been pretty discouraged with my scale lately. I’ve been working out and eating right and the number is going up rather than down. SO clearly something needs to change. I know muscle mass is heavier than fat but I am still feeling beat.

So this week I am eliminating breads, pastas, cereals, etc. from my diet. I’m going to keep eating oats in the morning, but that’s about it. I am going be eating lots of salads, veggies, and soups (like I don’t already) and see if there are any changes.


What are your favourite post workout snacks? I need some variety.. and maybe the snacks I’m having now aren’t helping me?!

15 responses to “Weekly Plan Oct 28-Nov 3

  1. Have fun this weekend with wedding related things! I would give anything to be able to do the cake tasting and all of that but alas, I have to plan it all from a distance.

    I’m sure your dinner with Davida and Amy will be a blast. I wish I could join you!

    Don’t beat yourself up about the scale! I’m not sure if you count calories but paying attention to numbers is never a good thing. It matters more how you feel and if you are hungry from working out more, than eat! I personally think as long as you’re eating whole grains than you shouldn’t have to cut out carbs. It’s just the white carbs that are bad.
    It seems to me like eating a vegan diet makes it harder to feel full longer from lack of protein. Maybe try making energy balls with vegan protein powder to help with the hunger? Just a thought.
    Regardless, don’t stress about it. You are gorgeous just the way you are!
    If you feel healthy and strong than that’s all that matters.

    Okay, longest comment ever. :)

    • We wish you could have joined too! One day we will be reunited. And you are so right, eating vegan is great but it is difficult to find fuel that keeps me fuel. Beans and tofu are great but I need to start finding better ways to refuel after workouts.

  2. Thanks for sharing your workout routine. It’s great inspiration! Enjoy Cornwall, it’s a magic part of the world!

  3. Any sort of dates/nuts/seed balls are awesome post workout. Throw in a little hemp protein and it definitely hits the spot!

    Don’t be too down on yourself. Sometimes when we push our bodies they need lots of carb fuel to compensate. It’s one of the tricky parts of exercise. I wouldn’t entirely cut out carbs but focus more on upping your protein. But every body is different and I am certainly no professional.

    Excited to see you on Tuesday!!!

  4. FORGET ABOUT THE SCALE. for real. when you workout heavily – even a change to your regular workouts – your body will react initially to the ‘new stress’ by retaining water. this is a normal body response to stress and is ONLY TEMPORARY. this is why beginners to fitness get so deflated to see the numbers going UP instead of down..it’s only water weight! this is why i always tell people to not look at the scale but go by inches lost. it’s the ONLY way to accurately measure progress.

    in my opinion, reduce carbs and increase protein but don’t cut carbs out. you may eating the “wrong” carbs ie. white starchy kinds…instead, eat the healthy kind like sweet potato, squash, quinoa, whole grains. the increase in protein will stabilize your sugar levels so you don’t experience a sugar crash (making you feel tired). the healthy carbs will also help stabilize your sugar levels and give you energy. look up “glycemic index” and consider eating foods that are low on the GI – these are foods that, during processing, slowly releases sugars into your bloodstream which prevents the sugar highs and ultimately, crashes. and sugar crashes also make you crave more so you eat more!

  5. Sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend and you have a good plan for the week! I would love to try Jillian’s class. I love her videos so it sounds like it would be right up my alley!

  6. I have felt like I am eating too many carbs lately too, but I think I was also not eating enough calories during the peak of my training for my last half because I was packing on some extra unwanted fat in areas! I’m trying to eat less PB&J sandwiches for snacks and more veggies with quinoa or cous cous with a dollop of coconut oil. More workouts mean MORE calories!

  7. Looks like a great week of workouts!! I have a lot of banana/dates with nut butter straight after a workout or smoothies or yoghurt mixed with peanut flour.

    I would love to try one of Jillians classes I love her DVDs

  8. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures

    Along with everyone else, I also have been eating a lot of carbs lately too. Does it have to do with the weather getting cooler? My scale has increased too but eh, I don’t care so long as my clothes still fit LOL! I like to satisfy my craving and then get back into routine – there’s no need to feel guilty for eating pasta every once in a while, but try to keep it minimal is how I live. Your 5K race sounds like it’ll be fun and you have a great weekend ahead of you! YAY!

  9. That’s so exciting about getting to do some wedding related stuff this weekend – have fun! :)

    And don’t beat yourself up too much girl. I think it’s natural to crave a little more food (especially comforting foods like carbs!) around this time of year. Have you tried upping your protein and fat? I find they seriously go such a long way in making me feel more satisfied so that I’m not always craving carbs!

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