October Grocery Store Favourites

Grocery store favs

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!!! Ours was very low key; we ate homemade peanut butter cups and had beer on the couch watching Hannibal Lecter. I really wanted to watch Saw but Grant refused. Haha I’m a big scary/gory movie fan!!

Before we get started on my October GSF, I wanted to show you some of my favourite Halloween costumes.

Oompa Loompa and Hulk Hogan


This was our best one by far! It was so much fun to be an Oompa Loompa.. let me tell you. I memorized a bunch of the little songs they sing and I sang them all night long, creeping everyone out. By the end of the night I had a few too many drinks, and I actually thought I was a real Oompa Loompa.

And Grant’s Hulk costume = best I have ever seen. I am laughing just remembering how hilarious it was to see him all night like this! And yes, he made the entire costume himself [spray painted boots and all].

Creepy Doll from Saw


Speaking of Saw… I love the movies so much I dressed up as the creepy Saw doll! Everyone was terrified of me. I had the red contacts and everything. The only thing I was missing was the tricycle…

Garden Gnome and Ernie

Garden gnome

I whipped this costume up last minute and it was too funny. Grant’s was WAY better (he made that himself) but I got props for mine too. The beard was so itchy though so I had it around my neck most of the night.

So clearly I have never been into the skimpy Halloween costumes. I always go for originality and the funny/scary factor.

Onto my favourites!

Fall Squash


I had my fair share of squash this month. I bake two big bad boys on Sunday nights and eat the squash all throughout the week. It is so easy to add to meals and have as a snack when it is cooked and divided into single servings. This week I bought a butternut and sweet dumpling squash. Loved them!

Silver Hills The Big 16 Bread


I’ve posted about Silver Hills before and here I am again because I just adore their products! All of the breads I have tried have been amazing. They are fluffy and light and sooooo delicious. The Big 16 has 6g of protein per serving. It is loaded with protein, fiber and 16 kinds of energy-loaded seeds and grains. What I love most about this bread is that it keeps me full. Once slice usually does it for me and I am fuelled for hours.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun dried tomatoes

Can you believe I have never bought sun dried tomatoes before this little jar? What have I been waiting for! I’m seriously loving them and have been adding them to dips, hummus, wraps, soups, etc. They add such a great flavour to everything. I bought them specifically for Angela’s tofu quiche and I have been in love with the tofu/tomato combo ever since.

Dry Vanilla Bean Soda

Dry Vanilla Bean Soda

Grant and I are not big soda drinkers. Actually, we usually don’t have any beverages in the fridge other than water, coconut water, and orange juice. Last weekend I planned a little “catch up with The Walking Dead” marathon for myself and bought this dry soda to have with my black bean nachos. It is so good you guys! DRY Soda is designed to be less sweet than regular soda and it is organic. DRY contains 1/4 to 1/3 of the sugar and calories of traditional soda, which allows its fruit, flower, and herb flavours to shine through. DRY Soda is certified gluten free, OU certified kosher, caffeine free, and sodium free.

Hulled Raw Pepitas [inside of pumpkin seed]

Pumpkin seeds

Hulled, raw pepitas are a staple in my kitchen. I am always adding them to salads, muffins, overnight oats, etc. They don’t get nearly as much love as they should here on GEG so I wanted to feature them. If you haven’t tried these seeds, get on it! I was a big sunflower seed girl until I first bought pepitas… I haven’t looked back.

Italian Herb Flatout Flatbread


Have you guys ever heard of Flatout Flatbread?? Am I the last one to discover this? I am totally loving this flatbread. It is super thin but still sturdy enough to use as a pizza crust and hold all your toppings. I’ve also used it as a wrap and was so surprised by how well it held up! They have a bunch of different flavours (original, sun dried tomato, garden spinach) and come in whole wheat, light, and kid sized.

What were you favourite grocery store finds last month?

Have you tried any of my favourites?

16 responses to “October Grocery Store Favourites

  1. I spend my life savings buying those dry sodas from sliced…it’s becoming a problem! Also your costumes are epic! I expect no less from a Queens girl :)

  2. So happy you found the Oompa Loompa and Hulk Hogan pic… amazing!! I definitely need to be on the lookout for Silver Hills… I eat Ezekiel but 6g of protein?! Sold. Happy Friday!

  3. Mark and I are obsessed with Flat Out flat breads! So great for making pizzas and I actually bought some to make baked pita chips/hummus for a vegan snack at Beerfest this weekend!

  4. yikes! that saw doll thing is scary! i haven’t seen saw (hate all horror films) but if you were at my party dressed like that, i wouldn’t even be able to look at you!

    wait a sec, you went to Queens U? my sister did too. i used to visit her all the time and by that, i mean lurk around her campus and surrounding area because of the RMC boys LOL

  5. Your oompa loompa costume is amazing! Where do you come up with all your ideas? I can never think of good costume ideas!

    I love those PC sun dried tomatoes too – especially in pasta and on salads! I still need to try that tofu quiche from Oh She Glows.

  6. Your costumes are so funny! I wish I was as creative as you!

  7. I love those sodas – they’re not very sweet either, which is awesome. I’ve never bought sun dried tomatoes in a jar either – I gotta change that soon!!!

  8. Oh no, the saw is way to scary for me! I would have been freaked out by that costume. I got a sweet dumpling squash, which I actually thought was jut a pretty acorn, and roasted it this weekend. It was a great snack on Monday and will be today too most likely.

  9. I just stumbled across this segment and I’m excited to have found it! I too am loving fall squash right now! I love baked delicata squash stuffed with apple! I recently made a butternut squash sauce for pasta that was brand new to me but so fantastic. Glad to have found this!

  10. Two Healthy Kitchens

    Love the hilarious and super-cute Halloween costumes! We actually have the Flatout bread around here in Ohio – so many great ways to use it, huh?!?! Mmmmmm … and I am so right there with you on loving squash! Great tip to cook it ahead and then work it into meals all week long!! :D

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