Weekly Plan Nov 4 – 10


Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! I had a fairly busy weekend in Kingston/Cornwall.

My 5km race on Saturday morning was COLD. We bundled up and heading to the race around 9am, start time was 10am. We parked the car in the parking lot behind the elementary school where the sign in was but as we were walking over we all got soaked in the massive hidden puddles on the trail to the school. So we had to run the race with wet feet! Luckily I didn’t really notice it while I was running. I finished in 29:33 which I am happy with. I wanted to finish in 28 min but the course was hilly and I am just happy I finished pain free and with no walking.

[My knee feels great today… progress:)]

Weekly Plan

Last week Recap

I didn’t make it to any classes last week at the gym which is unfortunate because I really enjoy them. I did a lot of cardio last week to get ready for my 5km. This week I am back into the classes and weights!

After some thinking and comments from you guys, I decided to incorporate carbs into my diet last week. I only ate whole grain, good, carbs, and I was happy with my decision. Eliminating carbs wasn’t the solution to my problems. I have some researching to do to find proper ways to fuel myself and make sure I am getting all the nutrients and energy I need.

This Week


Monday: 35 min run, 20 min eliptical
Tuesday: Body Shred class, Awesome Abs Class
Wednesday: 5km, Leg circuit
Thursday: Hatha Yoga
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5km, Arm/Back circuit
Sunday: Rest

Meal Plan (dinners)

Monday: Stuffed Sweet Potato
Baked tofu and butternut squash
 Spinach Salad with vegan sausage 
: Pita with lots of veggies and hummus
Friday: Out for dinner with mom and sister
TBD – making dinner for mom and sister
Sunday: Spaghetti and vegan ‘meatballs’

Goal – My goal this week is to make all of my meals at home. Last week I bought my lunch two times and went out for dinner twice, which is really unusual for me. Normally I pack a lunch every day except Friday [when I treat myself to a salad or soup from Freshii or Urban Herbivore] but last week felt so crazy and I just didn’t feel/make time for packing or preparing lunch/dinner. So this week I am making my lunch every day (even Friday) and I am only going to go out for dinner when my mom and sister come to visit. Not only will this save me $$$ but it is way healthier as well!

What are your goals for this week?

 Do you eat out often?

12 responses to “Weekly Plan Nov 4 – 10

  1. Spaghetti and meatballs sounds great! What do you make your vegan meatballs out of?? I’d like to try!

    I bought my flight home for Thanksgiving a few weeks back, so I have no money which means that YES I am eating in this week. I hardly ever eat out during the week, but then I’ll have a couple meals out on the weekend. I like the balance – I never feel like I’m deprived from a good meal at a restaurant (one of my favorite things in this world), but I also have a lot of control over what I’m putting in my body AND taking out of my wallet.

  2. This meal plan sounds great! Carbs are so important, I’m glad you decided to keep them in. The give us quick energy and whole grains and starchy veg are such important sources of nutrients :) Plus they taste sooo goooood ;)

  3. I ran a 5k this weekend too and it was SO cold and rainy. ugh but hey we got through it!

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  4. Great job on your 5k!! I’m so happy to hear that your knee is feeling better. I think you did great not pushing it too hard.

    I hate it when I can’t make it to classes at the gym too but at least you kept up with your cardio.

    Yes, I always pack my lunch and eat homemade meals as much as possible. It’s so much easier to control what you eat that way.

  5. Look at you! So organized and planned out :) I don’t eat out very much… but I am in college… so I eat cafeteria food :/ Although, since I am gluten- free they make me some pretty healthy things… like sweet potatoes and grilled chicken! I try to fill up on steamed veggies and fresh salads as well!! Love that you have your meals planned! I need to start planning (and following through) on workouts!! Thanks for the inspiration/ motivation!!

  6. Yes some days I eat out way too often! I’ve gotten much better with lunches and taking mine and now I’ve been trying to make a real effort with making dinners at home too but it is so easy sometimes to just get takeaway.

    Well done on finishing the race knee pain free!!

  7. Nice job on your 5k! Wet feet are seriously the worst – I would have been a totally baby about it the whole race haha.

    I usually eat out once per week, but sometimes twice. Last week was 3 times! I love eating out, but I get a little too sick of it if it starts happening too much.

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