Weekend Recap + Weekly Plan November 25 – December 1


I am so tired.

This weekend took every last ounce of energy from my body and threw it out the window. But I loved every last second of it so I guess being tired for the next day or so isn’t so bad. Oh and I worked until 1am last night. Awesome.

So my weekend with the girls was a blast! Bridget and I took the train from Toronto to Cornwall on Friday night and we had so many good laughs during that 4 hour train ride. It flew by! We got into a bit of trouble though.. apparently you can’t bring your own wine on the train? Who knew ;).

Saturday we went dress shopping with all my ladies. All eight of us were there.. I don’t think the store associates knew what to do with us. We were crazy pulling dresses out, running to change rooms, and modeling around the whole store.


I told the girls that I didn’t care what dresses they picked, as long as they were by the same designer, same colour, and same length. It turns out the girls all loved the same dress! The dress has these chiffon straps that can make the dress cap sleeved, halter, or strapless so it worked out perfectly for everyone. They are a gorgeous blue colour and are long.

I seriously adore them. And the colour looks good on everyone. I’m not going to show you what they look like, but they are by Bill Levkoff.

photo 3

After the dress shopping we went to the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Katye works at the Fairmont in Lake Louise so she got us an amazing suite at the Chateau for the night. We ordered some room service and got ready for our night out on the town.


I loved every second of the whole weekend. These girls are the best. I can’t wait until the next time we are all together!


This Week


Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Jillian Michaels Body Shred, Awesome Abs
Wednesday: 35 min elliptical
Thursday: Hatha
Friday: 5km run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 40 min elliptical, legs

Meal Plan (dinners)

Monday: Jack Astor’s salad with tofu [no dressing]
Tuesday: Spinach smoothie, roasted squash
Wednesday: Quinoa salad, vegan sausage
Thursday: Asian Slaw salad
Friday: Roadtrip to the Cottage – packed sandwich
Saturday: At the cottage
Sunday: Quinoa penne with White Linen Pasta Sauce, peas, kale

Goal – My goal this week is to follow my meal/workout plan as closely as possible. Last week was so hectic and I just threw meals together when I got home, instead of sticking to the plan. Oopsie.. life happens sometimes.

Oh and last but not least…

The Lean Green Bean

I’m an Elf for Health! You’ll be getting weekly updates during my Weekly Plan posts. If you want to get more info – check out Nutritionella or The Lean Green Bean.

Yesterday was Meatless Monday – which was a pretty easy one for me. Today, the goal is to unsubscribe from at least 3 email lists and catalogs you no longer want to receive. Easy peasy – there are a ton I should unsubscribe to!

Any goals for this week?

Have a great Tuesday!

12 responses to “Weekend Recap + Weekly Plan November 25 – December 1

  1. I unsubscribe like it’s my job…I also sign up for shit like it’s my job too haha. Also you can’t take wine on the train!??! Blasphemy!

  2. What an exciting weekend! I totally hear you about needing to plan out meals instead of throwing stuff together at the last minute. You have such a healthy week ahead of you! :0

  3. So much fun; what a swanky hotel experience that must have been!! I am doing Elf4Health too; love it!!

  4. Ahhh looks like you had a fun weekend! Girls weekends are the best, especially because (at least for me) they don’t happen super frequently so when they do they’re extra fun.

  5. i have been unsubscribing like crazy. then i got smart and gave a bullshit email address that i don’t care about so i don’t have to deal with the garbage email reminders/flyers!

  6. That is so awesome that you girls got to stay at the Fairmont together. Sounds like such a wonderful time! I can’t wait to see how your pretty your wedding is going to be!

    I definitely need to declutter by unsubscribing to a bunch of junk email. I get so much, it’s ridiculous.

  7. I just spam them. Can’t wait to se the dresses! I am sure they will be beautiful.

  8. What a great weekend!! I am drooling over the photo of your room service :) Yay to getting those dresses sorted!

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