November Grocery Store Favourites

November Grocery Store

Another month down. Is it just me or do the months seem to fly by even faster when we get closer to the end of the year?

November was a busy one for me. Lots of going out, road tripping, and family/friends visits. I don’t think Grant and I had one quiet weekend this month!

Because we were so darn busy, we didn’t do too many trips to the grocery store. We lived off what we had and stretched the groceries as long as we could. When I did eventually go to the grocery store, I managed to find some pretty good scores to share with you guys.

Here they are:

Coffee Cake Tea from David’s Tea

Coffee Cake TeaThe Winter Collection at David’s Tea is mighty good. So good that I finished two of the five teas in a week. So yummy! The Coffee Cake tea is a black tea that contains black tea, cherries, pineapple, natural and artificial cake flavouring. This tea is quite nice without any sweetener but if you are looking for a healthy alternative to a mid-afternoon snack.. a little agave would make this the perfect sweet treat!

I’m still so upset I was never able to find the David’s Tea advent calendar! It was sold out all month. If anyone knows where I can grab one let me know!

Tribe Everything Hummus

Tribe Hummus

I get so excited every time I find a new hummus. I eat the stuff so much so when there is a new flavour out there or company that I discover, it’s like hitting the jackpot. I found Tribe Everything Hummus at Costco a few weeks ago and for about $8 I got two huge containers of the stuff.


Not only is this hummus creamy and so delicious, it has the best toppings. Picture an everything bagel and then take away the bagel and throw it in some hummus. So amazing.

Artisana Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter

Can we take a second to appreciate this wonderful, precious coconut butter?


I love this stuff. I can eat it right from the jar but it makes Grant want to throw up (remember his hate for coconut) so I only do it when he is not around. It is made from whole coconut flesh (not just the oil) and puree’d into a fiberous, densely nutritious spread. As the website says, it melts in your mouth! There are no additives; just pure, unadulterated coconut.

Silver Hills Gluten Free Chia Chia Bread

Silver HIlls

Yup, another month.. another Silver Hills find. Silver Hills Gluten Free Chia Chia bread is one of the best gluten free breads I have ever had! It doesn’t crumble, doesn’t get soggy in a sandwich, and doesn’t need to be toasted to a crisp just to be enjoyed. The bread is made from whole grain Sorghum and Chia seeds. One slice is only 80 cals and has 5g of fiber and 3g of protein, not bad!

Ancient Grains Penne


It’s no secret that I love pasta (especially brown rice). I try to only have it once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. When I was in Costco a few ago I spotted Ancient Grains Quinoa Pasta. I buy the quinoa from this company so I knew I would love their pasta too. I was right, it is delicious! It is gluten-free and made from a special blend of Organic quinoa, amaranth, and brown rice.

Stasis Preserves Caramelized Onion Spread


I love to support local companies whenever possible, so when I tested this caramelized onion spread by Stasis Preserves at Sliced I knew I had to buy a jar. I tested it on a crusty baguette at the restaurant but we had it with pita chips and vegan cream cheese and it was heavenly. They also suggest eating it with grilled cheese, burgers, or cheddar. You can pick up this spread (along with their other products) at specialty restaurants and markets around Toronto.


Have you tried any of my finds? What did you think?

What were your favourite finds in November?

21 responses to “November Grocery Store Favourites

  1. Love the sounds of all these finds! I NEED to try coconut butter! Haha I always read about how delicious it is.

    That gluten-free bread is by far the best GF loaf I’ve tried! I actually love the texture and taste. The onion spread sounds like the perfect topping!

  2. Everything looks so good! Every time Meg from A Dash of Meg does a recap on David’s teas I always want to buy it as it sounds so good.

    I’ve still yet to try coconut butter. I thought it was the same as coconut oil for ages till I reason it was completely different and something that sounds so good!

    Loving the sound of the onion spread too.

  3. I NEEEED to try coconut butter! I don’t know why I haven’t yet considering coconut is one of my favorite flavors. Also I love hummus and I love everything bagels so I imagine I’d really love that everything hummus! MMmmm good.

  4. I spotted that bread at the Sick Kids specialty shop. I’ll try it out next time! And again, I’m always up for a sliced date!

  5. I just tried that hummus over the weekend, and it is fabulous! And makes me want an everything bagel…
    I was in David’s over the weekend and picked up some White Chocolate Frost, which is really nice!

  6. i LOVE david’s tea! i can’t even drink any other tea or look at any other tea because i can’t cheat on david!

  7. Whoa now, quinoa PASTA??? I have never heard of such a thing, but I’d love to try it!

  8. I LOVE Tribe but my grocery store doesn’t have everything yet!! I’ll have to be on the lookout

  9. Lots of great finds! That bread is pretty impressive.
    I have a whole jar of coconut butter just sitting in my pantry. I need to use it up, thanks for the reminder! And I love Truroots pasta. I always eat the elbow kind.

  10. I am kicking myself for not picking up the jars of Artisana butter that I saw at Winners a few weeks ago. I hate myself!

    Have you tried Silver Hills GF flax bread? It’s better than the chia one… I found the chia bread a little too spongey. But that’s just me.

    I WANT THAT HUMMUS! Omg! NEEEED. Hummus is one of my most fav foods, EVER. Speaking of which… have you ever tried Oh She Glows chickpea/hummus soup? OH MY GOD. It is mind blowing. I need to make some asap.

    • Haha I always look for good finds at Winners, you can score big sometimes. And yes, the flax bread is amazing too! I just love Silver Hills. I will continue to post about them until there are no products left to feature.

  11. Two Healthy Kitchens

    This is a seriously fantastic list, my friend! So many things I’ve gotta go hunt down (luckily, I’m waaaaayyy overdue for a trip to the grocery store – my fridge has plenty of real estate to welcome some new finds!!!!). My little son especially loves everything bagels, so I can’t wait to track down that hummus for him to try, and the coconut butter and Silver Hills bread? How have I missed them? Oh – and don’t even get me started on how much I need to try the caramelized onion spread! Guess I’d better schedule an airlift care package from Toronto! :D

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