Weekly Plan December 9 – 15


Oh hey guys, remember me?

Blogging kind of took the back burner this week. My bad. I’m sure those of you working a full time (50+ hour) job while still managing to work out and have a life AND plan a wedding understand. I’m looking at you Sarah.


This is what I have been doing


Working out. As often as I can.. which isn’t as much as I would like.


Hanging at the cottage. We went up last weekend and it was a nice break from the city.


Baking. And as you can see.. some aren’t turning out. Which is totally ok. Winning every time isn’t fair.

Here’s my plan for this week.

This Week


Monday: 3km run, arms
Tuesday: 40 min elliptical, abs
Wednesday: Body Pump Class
Thursday: 5km run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 40 min elliptical, 20 min spin

Meal Plan (dinners)

Monday: Veggie Lasagna
Tuesday: Work party
Wednesday: Lentil and Potato Stew
Thursday: Baked sweet potato and spinach salad
Friday: Date night
Saturday: Lentil and Potato Stew
Sunday: Asian Slaw Salad

Goal – Now that we are into the Holiday season, there are lots of opportunities to go out with friends, attend Christmas parties, etc etc. My goal this week is to limit my alcohol consumption to one drink on week nights (our work party is on Tuesday) and three on the weekend. I want to have fun and have a cocktail or two – but I don’t want to ruin my good eating and workouts by binge drinking on Friday/Saturday night. Low calorie cocktails are also mandatory!


Do you have any goals for this week?

How do you avoid over drinking/eating during the holidays?

7 responses to “Weekly Plan December 9 – 15

  1. That first picture…amazing. Goals for this week: Make it through the week. Is it Christmas yet? Maybe I’m just not cool enough but I haven’t had many invites to Christmas parties so my drinking problem has remained somewhat under control lol

  2. Hey, sometimes blogging just has to take the back burner and that’s the way it is. Also..baking is like a 50/50 for me for how often things actually turn out haha ahhh well–you win some you lose some. To be honest, I don’t attend too many holiday parties and therefore don’t have the issue of drinking too much. I normally just stick with a low-cal beer to avoid the sugar in cocktails.

  3. goals for this week: KICK THIS COLD’S ASS and get back to working out which i haven’t since last thursday and i’m dying here.

    sometimes blogging needs to get kicked to the curb when you’re super busy but everyone in blogland will always be here so do your thang!

  4. Welcome back! It seems like you had a busy week and sometimes blogging is the last thing on your list. :)

  5. Phew! Sounds like you have been a very busy lady! I try to eat in moderation during the holidays and eat healthy the rest of the time!

  6. A) High-five for juggling everything and keeping it all in perspective!
    B) Totally random, but that rusty-clay paint color on the wall behind you in your hilarious running-pose pic? Yeah – I think it’s the same color as on one of my kitchen walls. Told you … random … :D

  7. Yes, I totally understand how you feel! I still keep up with blogging but all I do is complain in every post, ha! Oh, and the exercise part is taking the back seat for me so my goal for next week is break a few good sweats.

    Hope you have fun at your parties!

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