Almond Oat Bites

Almond Oat Bites

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.. yada yada! Hope you all had a great Holiday. The last few weeks have flown by. We were in Newmarket, Cornwall, cottage country and back to Toronto. It was busy, but well worth it!

I can’t believe I’m back at work tomorrow. As much as I have loved these two weeks off, it will be nice to get back on a routine.


I’m not going to do a full recap of my Holidays but I had a fantastic time. It was nice to unplug and just spend time with my family and friends. I baked and cooked but I didn’t write down my recipes or take pictures of what I was making or eating… and it felt nice to relax.

I saw friends I haven’t seen in a long time and I got to spend my first Christmas with Grant. Although we Grant did a lot of driving.. it was worth it!


Don’t get my wrong.. I love my blog and I love coming up with recipes for you guys, but I think I needed a few weeks to relax. I didn’t work, blog, or workout everyday. And that’s ok!

So onto my New Year’s resolutions!

I usually don’t write down my NY Resolutions and as a result, I usually forget about them and don’t follow through. This year I wrote them down on a piece of paper and reminded myself to share them with you.

Working out is hard for a lot of people, but in the past few years I have learned to love it. My body craves a good sweat session but most weeks there is so much going on that I push workouts to the back of my schedule. This year I want to make my workouts a priority. No excuses.

I want to make more time to call my family back home, especially my grandmas. I also want to visit friends more and take the time to connect with them to see how they are. In high school and university it was easy to keep in touch because I saw them every day.. I miss them!!

And I want to keep eating fresh and as natural as possible. I’m a vegan (obviously) but even vegans can pick up bad eating habits (we still eat fried food and candy.. don’t be fooled). Not only do I want to rid these foods from my diet, but I want to start encouraging my loved ones to adapt a healthier diet.

GEG NY Resolutions.jpg

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this year? In addition to the three above, I also plan to spend less money. I like nice things.. and I like to get the nice things.. haha. This needs to stop! I plan to only shop when I NEED something, which if you know me, isn’t going to be easy. I like to buy clothes and make up and it has gotten a bit out of control. I’m reigning in my spending.. I have a wedding to save for!

Annnd I couldn’t leave without sharing a recipe with you. Below is a super easy recipe for almond bites that will help kick start a healthy year! They come together in under 10 minutes and make a great snack.

Almond Bites

Almond Oat Bites
Makes 10-12 balls

  • 2 cups raw almonds
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seeds
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup

1) Place the almonds in a food processor. Process for 2 minutes. Scrap down sides and process for another 2 minutes. You want the almonds to be super fine (almost at the stage where they start to turn into almond butter). Test it by taking a chunk and squeeze in palm, if it holds together nicely, you know it is done.

2) Add the rolled oats, chia seeds, ground flax, hemp seeds, and maple syrup. Process for 10 seconds, or until combined.

3) Take about 1 tbsp of mixture and roll into a ball. Wet hands if the mixture is too sticky. Roll into 10-12 balls and place in tupperware container. Freeze or refrigerate.

How were your Holidays?

Any NY resolutions?

18 responses to “Almond Oat Bites

  1. Oh these almond oat bites would be a great way to use the food processor I got for Christmas. My food processor broke this fall and I have missed having snack/energy bites in the fridge.

  2. Great resolutions! You’re so right about it being easy to pick up bad eating habits as a vegan- helloooo sugar and french fries ;)

    I really like the way your phrases your resolution to thrive- such a positive, action word :)

    These bites look delicious! Happy New Year!

    • It is sooo easy! I remember when I first went vegan I was like “yesss I can now eat anything that doesn’t have animal products in it, and still be healthy!!” ummm no. Haha!

  3. I love your resolutions, Christine! So attainable :) Happy new year!

  4. It’s good to see you back! Love your resolutions and this recipe. Perfect way to start the New Year. Hoping to see more of you in 2014 ;)

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed your holidays away from the computer — sometimes we all just need a little time off to really embrace the present moment :) And oats, almonds, and maple syrup (or honey) is one of my favourite combos ever. Those bites are perfection!

    • It was great to unplug and relax for a couple weeks, that’s for sure. Ommmg oats and maple syrup are the best together! And with almonds added in there.. heaven.

  6. Your new years resolutions sound perfect! And these little bites sound absolutely wonderful – must try them!

  7. I feel ya on the break .. when I went home for the holidays I just disconnected and didn’t post the entire time. I love blogging but it was nice to not have that added pressure!!

  8. Your resolutions are so healthy–just like these little bites! They look so easy to make and I always have most of the ingredients so it’s perfect!

  9. Those oat bites look DIVINE! And let me tell ya, I’m in love with your resolutions. I think they’re all so doable and overall just fantastic and healthy for both your body and mind!

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