Top 10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding Favours

Oh haaaaay.

Wanna talk weddings today? Great, me too.

It’s been awhile since I have updated you on our wedding planning. Things have been quiet which is starting to freak me out a tad. I like to be organized.. some would say extremely organized, so I am constantly thinking of things I need to do.

Somehow though, I forgot to book our rehearsal dinner restaurant after my parents and I toured it in November. I kept meaning to call them but with the holidays it just slipped my mind. I finally got to calling them today and luckily all is good. Another thing off my list.

One of the things Grant and I haven’t decided on yet is wedding favours. Do we reeeeally need to have them? No. But would they be a fun way to say thanks to our guests, absolutely. Especially since ALL of our guests are coming in from out of town. As much as we love the idea of them, neither of us can get over the price tag that comes along with them. We have close to 200 guests.. that’s a lot of dough to be shelling out for a favour we aren’t even sure our guests will like.

As we continue to ponder the idea of favours, I have been obsessed with finding ideas on Pinterest. How did people get married before Pinterest? Seriously, most of my ideas come from there. I was going to keep some of these ideas to myself because I don’t want anyone to guess which one I’ll do (if I even do one) but then I couldn’t resist sharing! Here’s my top 10 favourite DIY favours:

1. Macarons


(image source)

I will always and forever love macarons. They are so DARN adorable and I think everyone can agree they taste amazing. Even a ‘bad’ macaron is somehow delicious in my books. Although they aren’t vegan (and I have never seen a vegan macaron) guests at any wedding would appreciate a duo of macarons at the end of the night.

2. Hangover kit


(image source)

Hangover kits are a genius idea for wedding favours. Chances are that most of your guests are going to have a few drinks during the night so what better way to show your love for them than helping them cure their hangovers! Hangover kits can include Advil/Tylenol, Redbull, breath mints, granola bar, etc. Just think of the things you would appreciate having if you were hungover and throw ’em in.

3. Donation


(image source)

I adore the idea of making a donation to a special charity in lieu of wedding favours. There are so many awesome organizations out there that would welcome $100, $500, or how ever much you can afford. A small donation can go a long way and you know that your donation/gift is very appreciated by your guests.

4. Homemade Granola or Trail Mix


(image source)

Grant disagrees with me on this one – but I think homemade granola OR trail mix would be the perfect wedding favour! I know I would open that jar ASAP to start munching. It would be a great way to get your bridal party together before the wedding to help make and jar and the artsy people could make the labels. Think of the possible recipes… cranberry vanilla.. chocolate coconut… almond cherry… MMMM.

5. Welcome Bag


(image source)

I love the idea of welcome bags for your guests if you are having an out of town wedding. Our wedding is in a town that neither Grant or I are from so all of our guests are coming in from out of town. Welcome bags are a great way to ‘welcome’ your guests without actually welcoming each and every person. Let’s face it.. the day before the wedding we are going to be busy and as much as we are going to want to see every person before the ceremony, it just isn’t going to happen. Welcome bags are the perfect way to let your guests know you appreciate them coming.

6. Tea


(image source)

Grant and I are both tea lovers so this was an idea high on our favour idea list from the start. How adorable are those personalized tea packets? Too friggin cute. Another idea would be to wrap the bride and groom’s favourite teas and give them as favours. For us it would be a green and peppermint tea, wrapped with a pretty blue bow!

7. Cookie Cutter and Recipe Card

cookie cutter

(image source)

When I first thought of this idea I overwhelmed myself with all of the possible recipes I could share. A classic sugar cookie recipe would be perfect to go with the cookie cutter but the possibilities are endless. Not only would it be great to share a yummy vegan cookie recipe with my guests but I could also shamelessly promote my blog ;).

8. Pretzel Rods


(image source)

Another edible favour.. can you blame me? Chocolate covered pretzels are the best and I’m sure all of your guests would snag one before they left. To jazz them up you could use coloured chocolate and fun sprinkles or go plain-jane and do one dark chocolate and one milk chocolate.

9. Homemade Coasters


(image source)

If you respect wood (any Larry David fans ??) than coasters would be the perfect favour! I especially love the “Instagram” coasters that are all the rage right now. They are so cute and would be the perfect way to share your favourite snaps with your loved ones. The plain wood coasters are also a great idea and you could decorate them by drawing in your initials or burning designs into them.

10. Fridge Magnets


(image source)

Yes, you read that correctly.. fridge magnets. I think fridge magnets are the best idea ever. I never have enough magnets so I am always taping things to the fridge. A cute magnet would be an awesome favour for your guests and you could make them with photos or just your initials. It would be a nice reminder of your special day that people could have displayed for years!

That’s it for now! I plan to be back with some more wedding updates in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

What is your favourite DIY wedding favour? 

Yay or nay to wedding favours?

34 responses to “Top 10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

  1. Yay- I am looking for wedding favors too as we are getting married in September. I love the magnet idea!

  2. we had different tea flavours as ours but i love the donation one. more of my friends did that when they got married.

  3. I love that tea idea!!! Though the hangover kit would be more functional for my life ;)

  4. I always look forward to seeing what the favors are…so I guess I’m a yea! I love welcome bags, they really are great if you’re staying in a hotel because they usually come with snacks and bottled water so you don’t have to splurge on mini bar items.

  5. I like all if these favor ideas. I really like the cookies, granola, chocolate covered pretzels and cookie cutter. Clearly my mind gravitates toward food. I have been to a few weddings that have done donations and that always seemed like a sweet thing to do. I’m sure whatever you decide to do, if anything, will be wonderful.

    • Haha I am always thinking about the food! When I get an edible favour at a wedding I immediately open it and eat it. I’m not one of those people that holds onto it or keeps it as a memory.

  6. These are all great ideas! I like the hangover kit, haha!

    We’re actually thinking about doing the donation idea. Our guests might not be as thrilled but I love the idea of giving back.

    • You’d be surprised by how appreciative most of your guests would be with a donation. I went to a wedding once where the couple donated to the local animal shelter.. melted my heart!

  7. I love these especially homemade granola and the donation! I think I would do both. Not going to lie, I loved this so much I pinned it, even though I’m not even in a committed relationship ;)

  8. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures

    Haha, I like the idea of a hangover kit. I’ll totally be doing that if i ever get married!!!

  9. I say yay for wedding favors especially if guests are coming from out of town! But, I like welcome bags (which could be combined with a hangover kit) because then the guests don’t have to worry about taking them home with them from the wedding, since they will likely forget, and you can put stuff in them that people will actually want like snacks, water, advil, etc.

  10. Love all these wedding favours! Especially the hangover cure kit.

    I’ve made those coasters before and they are super easy but look great too :)

  11. Love your photo at the top of the post!!!! And as someone who got married a tad bit (ahem …) before Pinterest, it’s so funny that now nobody can imagine how they got married before Pinterest! So many cute ideas here, but I especially love the idea of a donation – so much more meaningful and something that has true, lasting impact. Yay – what fun planning a wedding!!! :D

    • Thanks Shelley! It is a shot from our engagement session. Haha I bet magazines came in handy for wedding planning before Pinterest, but they are so darn expensive! Pinterest is great because I can pull it up on my phone and show my vendors what I want. Great for organizing too!

  12. Great ideas!! I love them all! <3

    New Blog Post: How To Achieve All Your New Year’s Resolutions

  13. Ha! The hangover kit is so awesome, I will love if they have that at a wedding I am in. Yay to wedding favors!

  14. Omg I’m obsessed with these. Weddings are so expensive so this is a great way to save money. I love the macaroons and IIIII think the trail mix is a great idea! I also tend to wonder how weddings happened without Pinterest. Ohhh the horror! ….but seriously.

  15. Such a cute roundup! I’m still pretty young, but I’ve already started my dream wedding board on Pinterest and have been planning out my wedding hahah! Pinning this guide now! Love it!

  16. Debbie Lapierre

    I love all your ideas Christine. If you plan to have any kind of “snack table” you may want to nix the food favours. I think my favourite is the cookie cutter with a recipe card. You may even want to put a recipe of both sides….one regular and one vegan. Just my two cents. Really looking forward to it.

  17. Great idea Christine…though you are right they can be alot of work. I have been on the receiving end of the welcome bag filled with hotel room snacks and it was very much appreciated. A fun night with your wedding party would surely make the task doable ( is that spelt right? ) and memorable. Have you seen either of these ideas…lottery ticket with a note to the effect of Lucky in Love or ” thanks for popping in to share our special day with a bag of …you guessed it…popcorn! Good luck with your decision, Aunt Heather xo

  18. Love all these! Especially the trail mix {as that is my husband holding it, and that is our wedding featured on SMP!} I really love the fridge magnets!

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