Take a Peek Inside my Fridge

Peek into Fridge

I promised myself I wouldn’t start this post by talking about the weather… but brrrrrrrr. Is it spring yet? I’ve had to work outside a couple times in the past week and oh my goodness… frostbite everywhere.

Since I have zero energy to come up with exciting recipes on my own this week, I decided to let you all inside my fridge. Well, let you peek inside my fridge.. hehe.

Remember that show ‘Cribs’ where you got to tour the mansions of the rich and famous? Is that show still on? Is MTV still going strong? I’m clearly out of it. My favourite part of the show was when we got to see what the celebs had stocked in their million dollar fridges. Most of them were really disappointing.. Redbull, Gatorade, water, beer. I think the key to being a celebrity is to only consume liquids (??).

Empty Fridge

(image source)

Side note.. my fridge is never that bare.

The “cribs” that really impressed me were the ones that had fridges stocked with fruits, veggies, and healthy eats. Even when I was in Grade 5-8 (I think that’s when this show was popular) I recognized a good fridge when I saw one.

So moving on to my fridge. There’s no Redbull or Gatorade but we do have water and beer stocked. Does that make me an up and coming star?

We have a small fridge in our apartment. It’s probably half the size of yours, but we make it work. Here’s what we have going on the shelves…

top shelf

I promise the water jug is usually full. I had just worked out and didn’t fill it after guzzling it’s contents [I usually scold Grant for not refilling it.. oops]. We get almond milk and coconut water every week at groceries and sometimes I sneak in some chocolate soy or coconut milk to have after workouts. Yum! Tofu is another fridge necessity as I go through a lot of it. We also have some fresh berries, pickles, and maple syrup in there.

Second Shelf

The second shelf is the shelf that catches my eye every time I open the fridge. It is for that reason that I like to keep my homemade snacks and meals here to grab so I’m not spending too much time in there. This week I made Sarah’s Easy White Bean and Tomato Soup and some homemade Banana Granola. Both were/are delicious! I also cut up my veggies every week so that they are easy to grab for lunches and snacks. My nut butters, seeds, and sauces are usually found on this shelf as well. And once and awhile Grant will sneak a beer or two on here…

Grant Shelf

I like to call the bottom shelf ‘Grant’s shelf’ because this is where I put all of his meat, eggs, and beer (we share the spinach). I don’t want the meat juices accidentally spilling onto my food so I put it on the bottom. This shelf usually has lunch meat, eggs, pepperettes, beer, pork chops, etc. on it.


And now we get to the crisper. Sorry I didn’t realize how dirty my fridge was until I started this little project. Next time I’ll tidy up for you.

This is where we keep most of our glorious veggies! Ice berg lettuce for Grants sandwiches, peppers for dipping and roasting, beets for baking, apples for munching, etc etc… you get the idea. Some staples we get every week that aren’t pictured (or I haven’t mentioned yet): celery, avocados, kale, broccoli, tomatoes. Can’t get enough of all the goods!

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my fridge. Maybe next time we can tackle my pantry…. eeeeeek.


So tell me:

What’s in your fridge?

29 responses to “Take a Peek Inside my Fridge

  1. Oh my gosh I love this Christine! The fridge part of Cribs was obviously the best part… oh memories. Well since I currently share my fridge with my lovely parents, my space is limited. I have “my section”: a part of one of the shelves and a drawer: spinach, chopped veggies, almond milk, flour, flaxseeds and veggie burgers.

  2. your fridge puts my fridge to shame because yours is so wonderfully organized! mine looks like you just opened up bags of groceries and shoved everything inside with no rhyme or reason! :(

  3. What a healthy looking fridge! Everything looks delicious :) Mine is almost on the empty as I’m due a trip to the supermarket. An empty fridge is a sad sight haha

  4. Oh what a fun post! Yes, of course I remember cribs and how empty the fridges were. My fridge typically always has nut butter, eggs, spinach, apples, carrots and coffee!

  5. I was always so disappointed by the lack of food in the fridges on cribs. I watched that show when I was much younger, and I didn’t get how they lived like that because I was raised with home cooked meals, and didn’t realize that not everyone eats at home primarily. LOL.

    Right now I have a bunch of produce – carrots, tomatoes, herbs, kale, strawberries, apples, broccoli slaw (my addiction for quick dinners), tomato sauce. Also, I have my egg white cartons, a dozen eggs, smoked salmon, greek yogurt, laughing cow cheese, edamame, and almond milk. I also keep my english muffins and whole wheat wraps in the fridge so that they last longer! And ya, that is about it for right now!

    Have a great day!

    • Haha I know! I was always wondering where their food came from.. then I remembered they probably eat out or had personal chefs who brought and made all of their meals.

  6. I love seeing what other bloggers have in their fridge! You guys are winning when it comes to being loaded down with veggies- yum :).

  7. Haha I like your comment about Grant’s meat juices. Your fridge is so beautifully stocked! For the most part, my freezer is king and I have minimal food in the fridge (oh the joys of cooking for one). But right now I have almond milk, some kale, carrots, an orange, my two meals for the week (moussaka and manicotti) and my flaxseeds!

    • True true, my freezer is jammed packed as well. I guess I could have included it but truthfully it is packed with kale, berries, bananas, bread, and edamame. Nothing special, haha.

  8. I think all bloggers are nosy, hehe, so i love seeing this! mine is never packed with food sadly because I can only go once a week but it is still nice right after a grocery shop

  9. Wow! Your fridge is really crammed! I try to shop for only ingredients that I need for the week so my fridge goes from really full to really empty! I do keep some staples like garlic, light butter, almond milk, half & half. salsa, ketchup and sriracha in there at all times. Oh and an endless supply of Chobanis!

  10. My boyfriend has a small apartment fridge too and I’m always trying to organize it! Yours looks a million times better than his. I do most of the grocery shopping and we always have a Brita pitcher, eggs, onions, carrots, hummus, shredded cheese, and a billion condiments – banana peppers, sriracha, like 4 mustards, etc.

    Love the hidden beer ;)

  11. This is such a fun post! And I do remember seeing a lot of liquids-only fridges on Cribs…famous people just drink at home?
    Currently, my fridge has a million and one condiments and sauces. Which is weird, because I don’t actually use them that often.

  12. Oh man, your fridge is so much better than mine. MUCH better. I’m a disgrace to the HLB community…

  13. I actually did a post like this a few weeks ago and wanted to call it THM Cribs but Curt was like “no one will get it”. Ugh he was wrong! He’s getting banished from our fridge…

  14. Ahhh I love this. Also, you’re hilarious. LOLLLL is MTV still going strong? Who knows! I love how packed your fridge is! Mine is somewhere in the middle right now…not totally bare but I need to pick up a few things this weekend.

  15. Haha you are so true about Cribs and celebs fridges!! And there’s always a beer or two hiding in my fridge somewhere too ;)

  16. MTV CRIBS was my jam!!! If it were still on, which is actually might still be, I would always be watching it. But since I don’t know – I just watch a lot of HOUSE HUNTERS on HGTV – lol! Good enough for me, however, I too love the inside of the Fridge part – it’s always so interesting to see what others eat. So thank you for letting me CHILL in your fridge – HA! See what I did there ;)

  17. Two Healthy Kitchens

    What a cute post! I totally agree that it’s always fun to peek inside someone else’s fridge (whether on Cribs or not – lol). I never really got the allure of that old cliche about peeking inside other people’s medicine cabinets … who cares about that?!?!? But oogling what other people like to eat … I think that’s both fun and inspiring! (Geez, I guess I really am a food geek!)

  18. Love this post, Christine!! The peek into my fridge posts are some of my favorites :). I also have a separate area in our fridge and pantry for “my food” and “Kevin’s food”, and while we share most everything else, we know to stay out of each other’s sections! :)

  19. I love seeing what’s in other people’s fridges/cupboards! Yours is so neat – mine is seriously a disaster. It’s because I’m living with my parents this year and they keep so much crap in it – there are like 12 jars of jam in there (no joke)!

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