Feeling Egg-cellent


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So I’ve been struggling on how to start this post for awhile now. Do I just come out and say it? Or do I beat around the bushes and not bring it up? You guys.. I started eating eggs again. And I’m also eating fish. There… I said it.

Whhhew there’s a load off my chest.

I have been feeling a bit ‘off’ for a few weeks and no amount of sleep or vitamins were helping. I would go to bed at 9pm and wake up 10 hours later still feeling exhausted. My workouts were tough to get through and my ‘tired bed eyes’ never went away during the day. I have no idea what brought this on; maybe my increase in physical activity, maybe my lack of protein. I really don’t know but I knew something had to change.

I had my first egg since last September two weeks ago. I can’t say it was overly exciting or anything, I just needed some good fuel. And you guys and your #yolkporn were making me crave eggs again.

shepherds pie

Leanne over at the Healthful Pursuit wrote a post a few weeks ago titled ‘Why I Stopped Being Vegan‘ that really made me think about my experience with veganism. Although I never experienced the bloating or meat cravings that Leanne talks about, I do know the feeling of constantly not feeling full.

Some days I get to work and crave food all day long. Actually crave is a bad word to describe it – I NEED food all day. No amount of beans, spinach, and apples can make me full. Other days though, I can munch on a granola bar in the morning and soup at lunch and be completely content until I get home at 7pm. It is extremely dysfunctional for me and I have really struggled to find a way to make my tummy happy.

It really hit me that maybe I have to listen to my body more when I stumbled across Leanne’s post, especially when I read:

The better I felt, the more I knew I was on the right path, the healthier I became, and the easier it was for me to work through my relationship with food.

I know there are vegans out there who are going to completely disagree with me. They will tell me I wasn’t eating properly in the first place or that I didn’t take enough supplements. But to be completely honest.. ultimately it’s my choice and this is the way I choose to fuel my body. Part of the reason I became vegan was for the animals and I am not changing my diet because I decided not to care about them anymore. I will make an effort to consume local free-range eggs. As for the fish.. I’m testing it out. I still struggle a bit with eating fish and not knowing where it came from.


I’m trying this new thing where I don’t label my diet and just eat food… food that I want to eat and not feel bad about eating it. And how it is going for me so far you ask? Awesome! I have eggs and fish about twice a week now and I find it has made a big difference for me. I’m still baking without eggs and trying to incorporate more protein into my meals and most importantly.. I’m happy. And that’s all that really matters, right?


How has your diet changed over the years?

Do you label your diet?

19 responses to “Feeling Egg-cellent

  1. Well I think it’s freaking awesome that you’re doing what’s right for your body rather than trying to fit into a certain label. The same thing happened to me. I was vegan for about a year and my health kind of started to suffer. I added back animal proteins and started feeling better, so I stayed veggie for about another 3 years. I could tell something was still off, though (always tired, never quite satisfied with food), so I ended up abandoning all labels and just eating whatever the heck my body needed. Never felt better :)

    • Well I’m so glad you are feeling good and fueling yourself properly. I know eventually I will get start eating more animals proteins but right now I am feeling good and will just continue to listen to my body.

  2. Good for you for being open to change if something isn’t working for you! I’ve always thought that labels can be dangerous, and I think sticking with being vegan for the sake of being vegan isn’t beneficial for anyone if it doesn’t make you feel as good-in-your-skin and healthy as you can possibly be!

    • Thanks Christine! Labels are very dangerous and we all get caught up in them sometimes. Part of the reason I didn’t immediately start eating eggs was because I thought other vegans would look down on it.. but I realized I just have to fuel for myself.

  3. I can completely relate to how you feel on this issue! I never gave up eggs because I think there are ways to still eat them humanely (like you said, local pasture raised) but Brandon doesn’t eat fish and I still struggle with guilt when I eat fish in front of him (not his fault-I put this on myself).

    It sucks to feel guilty about eating what makes us feel our best though and we shouldn’t.

    I think the fact that you’re doing your best to support animal welfare and be conscious of where your food comes from then that’s the best thing you can do. You don’t have to be 100% vegan to make a difference.

    Good for you for listening to your body! :)

    • I completely agree with that – you don’t have to be 100% vegan to make a difference. So so true. Thanks for all of your kind words Sarah – means a lot!

  4. I think as Amanda said it is awesome you are doing what is right for you. I used to be vegetarian for 3 years but then ended up returning to eating meat as I was very unhealthy in my diet when I was vegetarian.

    I used to feel the need to put labels on my diet but now I’m coming around to more just doing what works for me without needing to label it.

  5. I think it’s totally normal that our diets change with time. I was dairy-free for a while and cut out eggs but it didn’t work for me. I found myself craving these foods in unusual amounts and it was a little too restrictive for me. You gotta do what is right for you! No reason you can’t eat eggs and fish and still maintain a healthy, plant-based diet.

    • I’m a big believer in eating as clean as possible but occasionally I will enjoy a soda and bag of chips. This doesn’t mean I am not a healthy eater.. I’m human! We all get cravings and being restrictive to those cravings really isn’t helping.

  6. This is really wonderful! You have to do what’s best for you and if that means eggs and fish, then by all means, eat eggs and fish! I definitely don’t label my diet–I eat what my body wants to eat. If that’s a chocolate milkshake, then great, but most of the time my body craves healthy and filling foods, so that’s what I give it!

  7. Christine, I’m so glad you’re so in tune with your body that you know what you need. I firmly believe that our bodies change and let us know what is working and what is not. Who knows … in a year, you may go back to being a vegan, or you may expand to eat fish every day. Congratulations on making the best decision for you!

  8. I’ve noticed this common theme that when people who are vegan switch back to eating some animal products… they’re always scared to tell people. But who are other people to judge you for that? What you eat is ultimately YOUR choice and I think it’s awesome that you’re making the choices that are right for YOU! I hope you see some improvements in your energy/fatigue. :)

  9. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures

    Good for you for making your own decision girl, get it! I’ve never considered being vegan but I eat veggies + fish as my diet and it seems to work well – hope this change works for you! And just like ‘gotta eat grean’, you ‘gotta fuel the way that’s best for you’! YAY!

  10. It’s awesome you’re going with your cravings and what feels right instead of sticking with a certain diet label just for the sake of it. Yes, it is your choice and if you’re happy and content that’s what really matters. Even though I personally don’t eat eggs I consider myself ‘vegan with benefits’ – dairy helps me feel more satisfied at times – ultimately not really labelling my diet at all. I can relate to the guilt associated when eating non-vegan foods at times but we really shouldn’t feel bad when caring for ourselves.

  11. So interesting to read your post. You know I love your blog, and even though I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, I still struggle with eating responsibly and humanely as mush as possible, so I really appreciate the difficulty of what you’re going through. It’s terrific that you’re doing what you feel is right for your body and your health! I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this journey …

  12. This is what blogging is all about. I think it is great you are sharing your path through this. Plus, there is so much new information coming at us from various sources that we should reevaluate our decisions according to it. Best of luck!

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