Confessions – Life Lately

Kelli Christine

I’m still here!! Did you think I abandoned you all? Never! Well maybe some day… but not today!

Instead of boring you all with my 1000+ reasons for not blogging lately, I thought I would steal a page from Sarah‘s book and do a Confessions post. Be warned.. wedding overload coming at you.

So here it goes.

1. There are 109 days left until I get married. That sounds like a lot of days.. but it isn’t really. My head is constantly spinning with things I need to do and people I need to call. I am a super organized person but this wedding is making me question EVERYTHING.

2. Without giving too many details away.. I bought my dress a size bigger because I wanted to make some adjustments. Now, I don’t think I want to make those adjustments and I am terrified to go my fitting because I know the dress won’t fit and I’m stressing out. I’m kicking myself for not ordering the dress my true size and I will be in constant panic mode until the dress fits perfectly.

3. I lost my passion for cooking/baking the whole month of February. That’s probably why I posted only two times. OOopps.. sorry friends. I’m happy to report that I got back into it this weekend! I spent half the day on Sunday in the kitchen making asparagus, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin protein bars, muffins, green juices, and baked salmon. It was so relaxing and delicious.


4. My dad and I went to Queen’s a few weeks ago to do the taste testing for the wedding. It was a blast and we both left with very full bellies (my dad had to eat both the chicken and beef entrees while I just had the vegan).

Chicken & Beef:







Dessert was so delicious! I even got a vegan dessert (the chocolate cake). During the tasting we were talking about the bar options for the cocktail hour and reception. I made sure that Grant and I could both have our signature drinks which was great, but my coordinator dropped a bomb on me when she said that they did not allow shots or doubles (it’s their policy). WHAT! Although I don’t plan on taking too many shots on my wedding night, I know they are a big social thing at weddings. I’m not upset by this, in fact it may be a good thing, I had just never heard of this and hope my guests aren’t upset.

5. I’m training for two races right now and (knock on wood) my knee has been feeling pretty good. My IT band has been feeling pretty tight though so I am rolling away errryday. I’m so happy when I workout…


6. I need to buy my wedding shoes. Can you guys help me? Where do I but them? I’m looking for ivory shoes, max spending limit $250, nothing higher than 3 inches, and pretty – pretty is a must. HELP ME!

7. We decided that we are going to give Cooper a little more freedom – but this I mean we are going to start leaving him out in the apartment while we are at work (he is in his crate usually). This is a big deal, if you know Cooper. This dog destroys anything made of fabric. He really loves socks, underwear, and bras but I think he would eat a t-shirt if he had the chance. We borrowed a gate from Grant’s parents to block off the bedroom and bathroom so he only has access to the kitchen and living room. It’s 10am and Grant and I have already emailed eachother 10 times because we are both worried parents. What will we come home to.


8. I love Beau and Theo. They are both so adorable and it melts my heart that they love eachother so much. I really hope this mom isn’t just posing them together.. that would destroy me.


(image source)

Omg and now there are videos. Check this out. Heart melting.

What’s up with you guys?

Any wedding advice for me so I don’t go insane? 


14 responses to “Confessions – Life Lately

  1. Just keep calm! The ONLY important thing about your wedding day is that you (and your fiancé!) are there and have the best time of your lives. Your dress will work out, and you will look beautiful! 10 years from now, you won’t remember if there was a half-inch of extra room in the waist or if the beef came out slightly overdone (although the vegan option looks best!!) … you will only remember how amazing it was to have all of the people you love standing by and celebrating the best moment of your life! <3

  2. Yikes! Lots to do, but you WILL get everything done. I’m sure the dress will be easier to fix than you think and they’re probably so used to doing alterations like that. Glad you found some time to cook for yourself- nothing is more relaxing!

  3. Eeee! The wedding will be here before you know it! I so look forward to hearing all the details as the day approaches!

  4. Oh my gosh, that last picture is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Things will work out with the wedding. The most important thing is that you’re marrying the love of your life. Right now, all of the details seem SO important, but when you look back on it (so I’m told), you’ll laugh at the mishaps and just be happy that it was the best day of your life!

    • Isn’t it the cutest thing of LIFE!! I have been stalking them for months. And you are so right – everything seems so important right now but I know all that matters is that we are getting married!! eeek!

  5. Aww I must have missed that you guys were getting married at Queen’s! My old uni :) Ban Righ? I have known a couple people who got married there and another couple having there in September! It’s supposed to be great!

    Things will all work out in the end with your wedding! I would tell you not to worry but that seems silly so just breathe, trust your capabilities, enjoy the process and it will be sorted before you know it!

    • I am so thrilled to be getting married at Queen’s! We were thinking of sneaking into vic hall to our old floor to get some pics done.. hehe. Ceremony is in Grant and reception Ban Righ.

  6. Wow! No wonder you’re stressing! Just stay calm, stay organized. Baby steps through each new problem, and they will all work out, even the dress and the lack of shots! Keep plenty of lists and feel gratified as you check each thing off … it will all come together! There is always a solution! Hang in there! :D

  7. Weddings are always stressful, and yet they always come together in the end. So don’t drive yourself crazy!

    The food looks like it will be amazing! I love how there’s an actual vegan entree and not just a plate of vegetables haha. Obviously you wouldn’t let that happen though. ;)

    • Thanks girl! I am soooo pumped about the food. I couldn’t believe they did a separate dessert just for me. AND they will accommodate all food allergies if we tell them before hand. So Grant’s sis won’t have to worry about gluten and my nut-free friends will be safe as well!

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