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8 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Personalize Wedding

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to get all of your loved ones together. It’s unfortunate but as we get older it seems the only time I get my whole extended family together is either at a wedding or a funeral. I think we need a few more ‘Family Days’ here in Ontario to round everyone up and have a party. Let’s lobby the government for one in June and maybe one in July? Perfect!

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Confessions – Life Lately

Kelli Christine

I’m still here!! Did you think I abandoned you all? Never! Well maybe some day… but not today!

Instead of boring you all with my 1000+ reasons for not blogging lately, I thought I would steal a page from Sarah‘s book and do a Confessions post. Be warned.. wedding overload coming at you.

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Top 10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding Favours

Oh haaaaay.

Wanna talk weddings today? Great, me too.

It’s been awhile since I have updated you on our wedding planning. Things have been quiet which is starting to freak me out a tad. I like to be organized.. some would say extremely organized, so I am constantly thinking of things I need to do.

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Engagement Party Invite & Blogger Meet Up


Another wedding post! Yaaaay. I love wedding posts. I hope you guys do too, because you are going to start to get a lot of them. And by a lot I mean probably once a week. The wedding is in 9 months, I have to release my nerves and excitement somewhere!

So back in August I told you guys about our engagement party. It was such a fun time, I wish we could rewind and do it all over again. It made me so excited for the wedding and everything that is coming up in the next year!

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