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Banana Caramel Pockets

banana caramel pocket

It’s VDAY tomorrow! Vday actually sounds pretty dirty.. let’s just stick with Valentine’s Day.

In all the years we have been dating, Grant and I have never really done the big Hallmark Valentine’s Day. Instead of buying big expensive gifts for each other we make homemade cards and make a meal together. This year Grant is tasked with the main course and I have dessert. We’ll probably get a nice bottle of wine and watch a movie. We are SO romantic.

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Holiday Spiced Creamy Dates

Creamy Dates

Now that the Holiday season is upon us my sweet tooth is in full force. I find myself sneaking a cookie here and there and having way too many vegan chocolate truffles after a workout.

Tis the season, right?

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Pumpkin Apple Crisp [Vegan and Gluten Free]

Apple Cirsp

To all of my Canadian readers.. who is ready for Thanksgiving!?! Our favourite little fall holiday is this weekend and I can’t wait to stuff my face with goodies when I get home. I’ve never been to or had an American I can’t compare, but I love Thanksgiving for one reason – family time!

Grant, Coop, and I are road tripping to Cornwall after work on Friday to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I’ve already planned a few side dishes to make for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night and I have no doubts that my mom has already started her “this is what we can do as a family while you are home” list.

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Maple Pecan-Cashew Popcorn


So mother nature’s fever finally broke and we are starting to get some cool air! Thannnnk god. The heat was driving me mad. I also got stuck in a torrential downpour after work..without an umbrella.. wearing a white t-shirt. That’s some bad karma. After the rain, there were these crazy clouds in the sky. It looked like the world was about to end.

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Nutty Puffed Quinoa Crispy Treats (vegan and GF)


GAH. It’s so hot outside. Anyone else melting? I’ve been neglecting my cooking all week because I do not, under any circumstances, want to turn on my oven. Smoothies are now my go-to meal, for every meal. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner = smoothie time.

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Fruit Salsa and Brown Sugar Chips

Fruit Salsa

Wooow, it has been a week! I’ve been a busy beaver the past few days and I am so glad the week flew by because I’m ready for a long weekend! Grant and I are heading to the cottage to celebrate Canada Day. We go to the cottage every year for Canada Day and every year his dad puts on a fireworks show (it is always humorous). I’m giddy with excitement about this trip because today is exactly one year until we get married!! Another reason to celebrate!

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PB&B Frozen Treat Bars

Treat Bar

The long weekend is here. Thank God!! My four best friends are coming to visit this weekend and I am super excited to see them. We have been best friends since kindergarden (20 years!!) but now that we are older and live in different cities, it can be hard to get all of us together. I’ve been preparing for their arrival all week.. which means getting the wine and desserts ready!

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Coconut Cherry Chip Balls


Cherry and coconut together for an amazing post work out treat!

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