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Weekend Recap + Weekly Plan November 25 – December 1


I am so tired.

This weekend took every last ounce of energy from my body and threw it out the window. But I loved every last second of it so I guess being tired for the next day or so isn’t so bad. Oh and I worked until 1am last night. Awesome.

So my weekend with the girls was a blast! Bridget and I took the train from Toronto to Cornwall on Friday night and we had so many good laughs during that 4 hour train ride. It flew by! We got into a bit of trouble though.. apparently you can’t bring your own wine on the train? Who knew ;).

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9 Month Countdown + Weekly Plan

YOU GUYS! I’m getting married in nine months. The last thirteen months have flew by – I can’t believe we’ve been engaged for so long.

I have to get my wedding bod ready so that means cracking down on my workouts and taking my healthy eating to a new level.

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