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Weekly Plan December 9 – 15


Oh hey guys, remember me?

Blogging kind of took the back burner this week. My bad. I’m sure those of you working a full time (50+ hour) job while still managing to work out and have a life AND plan a wedding understand. I’m looking at you Sarah.

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Weekly Plan Oct 28-Nov 3


Hey friends. Hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was busy busy as always but today I am taking it easy and getting my meals prepped for this week and doing some much needed laundry.

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Weekly Plan Oct 21-27


Hey guys! Another week, another weekly plan.

I did so much cooking/baking this weekend! I loved every second of it. I’m not used to having so much free time on the weekend because we are usually travelling, at the cottage, in Cornwall, etc. It was nice to get up and just, cook.

I made a banana zucchini bread, trail mix, baked squash, veggie soup with dumplings, baked sweet potatoes, two meals for Grant, and a special halloween treat that will be on the blog this week.

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Thanksgiving + Weekly Plan Oct 14-20


Happy Thanksgiving Monday my Canadian friends! I hope everyone who got the day off have been relaxing and enjoying this beautiful weather!

Grant and I drove back from Cornwall yesterday so we had the whole day to unwind and enjoy our day off of work. We went to see Captain Phillips this afternoon and we both loved it. Tom Hanks is a super star, I’m always fascinated by his acting [Castaway anyone] and this movie was definitely worth the 4/5 stars it has been getting.

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