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January Grocery Store Favourites

Jan grocery store favourites

Hey guys.

Now that January is over it is time for me to share my favourite grocery store finds! I missed the boat on my December favs (sorrrry) so I made sure to include a couple favs that I discovered in December but never got the chance to boast about.

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Take a Peek Inside my Fridge

Peek into Fridge

I promised myself I wouldn’t start this post by talking about the weather… but brrrrrrrr. Is it spring yet? I’ve had to work outside a couple times in the past week and oh my goodness… frostbite everywhere.

Since I have zero energy to come up with exciting recipes on my own this week, I decided to let you all inside my fridge. Well, let you peek inside my fridge.. hehe.

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One Year Vegan + What do Vegans Eat?


I have been vegan for a whole year! I am quite proud of myself for adopting this new life style and sticking to it. There have been a few slips throughout the year but overall I’d give myself an A for my diet change.

Since becoming vegan, I have gotten a lot of questions from people about what I eat. Some are concerned I’m not getting enough vitamins, while others are just plain curious about how I’ve changed my eating habits.

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